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Бандажирования желудка в баку

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Бандажирования желудка в баку
|| 14 April 2015, 06:59

6 December 2014

We thank and congratulate all our members and partners for their dedication and commitment. Through your hard work, together we made Patient Solidarity Day 2014 a fantastic success! 

High quality, equitable and affordable healthcare; nothing more than a dream for so many people around the world. This needs to change. We have all been a patient at some point in our lives, or cared for one. It’s time to stand together in solidarity to call for truly patient-centred healthcare.

One voice. United. Universal.

Every person, every patient is equal and all have the right to access the healthcare they need, when they need it. We need to unite to ensure that all people, across the world, have fair and impartial access to quality healthcare.

"Patient Solidarity Day is a day to come together, unite and speak with one voice. It recognises that regardless of disease, religion or nationality, we all share common problems." IAPO member, CHAIN Uganda


When united, we can move mountains together.

How do people show agreement with one another? They shake hands. How do people go even further and say, in an open and public way, “We are together!”? They interlock their fingers.

It’s a universal gesture, something that is recognisable all over the world in many languages and cultures. IAPO and our members, along with patients everywhere, want this human symbol of unity and solidarity to be recognisable all over the world in the call for Universal Health Coverage and patient-centred healthcare.

We need you to help us spread the message about Patient Solidarity Day, in whatever way you can. Find out more about how to use the logo and the hand gesture.

Let us know about your events and activities by emailing us so we can highlight your organization and your great work. 

"IAPO is excited to celebrate Patient Solidarity Day this year. Every patient should have access to the healthcare they need. Our members and patients from across the world will unite on 6 December to call for universal health coverage. There has never been a better time to speak up and put patients at the centre of healthcare." Kin-ping Tsang, IAPO Chair

How YOU can show your support!

For lots of ideas, big or small, on how to show your support and stand united for Patient Solidarity Day, learn about little gestures or big splashes you can do to help stand united and amplify the patient voice! 

And keep up with news and events by following @PatientSolDay on Twitter and Patient Solidarity Day page on Facebook!


Watch the Patient Solidarity Day 2013 Video

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